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Check out this simple 'how to' video showing you how to make your very own paper garden! You will ideally need scissors, colouring pencils and glue.

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We have partnered with Anglian Water to offer this exciting activity for your pre-schoolers and the rest of the family!  

Every drop of water is precious, so we’re always looking for ways to protect and save it. Our communities are growing and the average household now uses 15% more than it used to, meaning we all need to use water more carefully at home and in the garden.  Let’s work together to save more water for our environment, wildlife and future generations! 

With that in mind, we have provided all the instructions and visuals to make your very own educational paper garden.  It is our hope that this activity will help to inform the entire family of simple ways to reduce water wastage around the garden. 

To access the My Little Paper Garden activity please click below to take you to our quick survey.  All we need are a few details to help us understand how our free project materials are helping to change water usage behaviour.  The download link will be provided at the end of the survey.


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For more information about what you can do to save water in the garden please see Anglian Water's website:

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