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(recommended age 10+)


Smudge Sticks: Participants will create a natural aromatic ‘smudge stick’ using autumnal herbs and flowers.  Smudge sticks are traditionally used to cleanse a room and provide a beautiful aromatic scent. Candle Holders: Participants will create a candle holder using wood and twigs.  Each participant will have a glass votive, scented tea light and twigs ready for decoration. Well-being Journals: Participants will begin and decorate their own well being journals using the technique of collage and natural earth friendly materials such as leaves, stickers and hand drawn elements.

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 Soap & Sanitiser

(recommended age 12+)


Natural Hand Sanitiser:

Using specially sourced organic plant-based materials such as aloe-vera and cedarwood oil, participants will hand make their own natural antibacterial hand sanitiser.  Each participant will take away a 20ml glass bottle of their hand sanitiser ready for instant use!


Squishy Soap:

Participants will also make an autumnal themed squishy soap with pumpkin seed oil and cinnamon powder. Each person will roll and cut their soap into shapes and gift wrap them to take home. Perfect for a Christmas gift or for a little treat for themselves!

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Hygge for Little Ones

(recommended age 3 - 11)


Aromatic Roller:

Participants will create a natural aromatic roller using essential oils – think kids’ perfume that will evoke calm and contentment!


Kids Well-being Journals:

Participants will create their own colourful journal using a range of earth friendly decorations.  We will encourage kids to continue using their journals throughout the season with ideas for journal projects and pages!


Autumn Story telling:

Sitting on cushions and rugs, our leaders will close the session by telling an inspiring autumnal tale using interactive props and instruments.


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Potions & Bubble Soap!

(recommended age 2-12)


Potion Making!  (Hand sanitiser for little ones) :

Using natural ingredients the little ones will mix and put together a homemade antibacterial potion in a pipette bottle. This can be used to wash away germs and keep those grubby hands nice and clean!


Squishy Slime Soap :

Using vibrant materials such as natural green dye, biodegradable glitter and essential oils, participants create their own range of squishy soaps.  These can be gift wrapped to take home for some fun bath time!



Throughout the year we like to keep things fresh by offering a unique collection of workshops and activities to suit the changing seasons! To see our how we make our workshops super safe head over to our Covid- 19 Guidelnes page. We want you to have full confidence that your safety is a priority when providing workshops for you and your children.




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