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Let's go on a water adventure together!

water play hub


Come along to one of our creative workshops to hand make your

very own wooden Walter the Robot. Walter is our unique Water Mascot he is very passionate

about teaching families why water is such a precious resource! Using nature based materials you will be shown how to construct Walter and begin your journey to learning all there is to know about water. With

Walter by your side, you will be empowered and informed to challenge yourself to preserve

and protect water, by using less water. Check out our events timetable below to find your

local robot making session! 

You will be guided by the workshop host for each step of the way!

For a little extra help see below for a super simple demo video of how to make Walter the Robot.

check out our how to reel!


Information here for further learning and resource links/ videos

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For access to your

Waterwise kids pack

click here

For tips on how to

spot leaks in your home

click here

For water saving tips

in the home

click here


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follow our adventures!

If you would like to follow our adventures please click below to head to our Instagram page

For further learning resources head to Anglian Water's website for Water Saving Tips!

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competition time!

Click on Walter the Robot to find out more about our super exciting competition.  You could win your very own nature explorers kit!

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