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The Junk Treasure Project's primary focus is to collect and create using junk destined for the bin - we will be showing you how to make something that lasts, and something you will wish to treasure. 

We are also in the research and development stage of setting up our first Scrapstore in Northampton. This will be a scrap store like no other with plans to develop a community hub and workshop space. We are currently looking for local input in the form of feedback, concept development, and funding.  

Please do get in touch if you would like further information on this project!

Recent Junk Treasure Project events:

  • Made With Many Family Arts Festival - we took our pop up junk shop along and made over 100 junk jewellery pieces of art!

  • Fly By Bars & Made with Many Collaboration -  we created junk mascots with families across Corby.

  • Delapre Abbey Mind Body & Soul Festival - we created Ocean Junk Jars using donated scrap materials.

Further Learning!


We have selected a range of links and videos for your further learning.  We hope you feel as passionate about this mission as we do!  


Please enjoy the below safe in the knowledge that they have been chosen for their well researched and family friendly content.

The UK needs to drastically cut the amount of plastic produced! Reducing single-use plastic by 50% would not only allow the UK to end waste exports, but would also mean less plastic going into incineration and landfill. The government must mandate a 50% reduction in single-use plastic by 2025 – and supermarkets and major brands must deliver it.  Let's talk about this and stand up for this important cause!  Will you pledge to help?

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